Learn about the types of Bluetooth car adapters

Technology is an outlet for vehicles that have no sound with the option of connectivity; adapters are connected to the P2 input, pen drive or ashtray. Visit this link to gain more ideas: best bluetooth car adapter

Despite being more common every day, the sound with Bluetooth is still not unanimous in Brazilian cars. But there is encouragement for drivers who do not have the technology: the accessory market has managed and now offers Bluetooth adapters capable of transferring calls and music from the cell phone to the car.

Technology has some benefits. In addition to the convenience of listening to favorite albums, the driver is able to answer the phone without using his hands. By not handling your cell phone, you are less at risk of being involved in an accident or fined.

Bluetooth car adapters are low cost, compatible with Android and iOS and simple to install. We list the different types of technology available for purchase.

Bluetooth adapters connected by audio cable

The simplest adapter option uses the audio cable (P2) to connect to the car. The equipment is battery operated and has a physical button to activate connectivity and answer calls.

In the most complete versions, the Bluetooth adapters connected by an audio cable are also equipped with a charger, which can be attached to the car ashtray, ensuring more operating time.

Adapters connected via USB port

The technology is similar, what changes is the input that the adapter uses to connect to the car. Simply plug the device, which resembles a flash drive, into the USB port and search the phone. As with the previous option, the devices have a microphone that captures the sound and transfers it to the cell phone (a function that allows the driver to talk on the phone in the car).

There are also options with more functions. In this case, the adapter per USB port is larger and needs to be charged. Batteries typically last eight to 16 hours.

Bluetooth adapters for cars connected by the ashtray

In addition to pairing between devices (phone and vehicle), adapters that use the ashtray charge at the same time that they work and have more functions, such as volume, display, radio, “skip folder” or “skip music” function and input for memory card.

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